On Monday 3 June around 12:00 noon, the Dutch government will sent a national NL-Alert test message. This way, you know how NL-Alert looks and sounds when you receive an NL-Alert on your mobile phone.

What is NL-Alert and when is it used?

NL-Alert is a Public Warning System in the Netherlands. NL-Alert is used in harmful and life-threatening situations in the Netherlands, like a major fire, a terrorist attack, an epidemic or heavy weather. Do you see an NL-Alert? Read the message immediately, take action and help others.

NL-Alert on your mobile phone

You receive NL-Alert on your mobile phone. This requires no action. When receiving an NL-Alert, your mobile will emit a penetrating alarm sound.

NL-Alert is based on cell broadcast technology. This technology is able to operate even in the event of phone network congestion or overload. NL-Alert is free and anonymous: you do not need to sign up and your phone number remains unknown.

NL-Alert on digital signage and advertising displays

You can see NL-Alert on a growing number of digital signs at train, bus, tram and metro stops. You will also see NL-Alert on more and more digital advertising displays. A NL-Alert is simultaneously displayed on signage and received on private mobile phones.